She is Ms.PoeticSoul and when she shares her gifts with the world, her intent is to provide Nourishment for the Mind and Food for the Soul. She wants her words to bless, empower, encourage, inspire and teach to all those who read or hear them. Ms.PoeticSoul wants everyone to be able to take something from her message, especially if they have taken the time to listen or read them. Her self-expression in writing form has helped her to grow while challenging her to be better in order to change the direction of her future.

You can follow Ms.PoeticSoul on Instagram at @mspoeticsoul or find her at


Chandler Touchstone is a local Spoken Word Poet from South Jersey. He's currently studying to be a public defender at Rutgers University in Camden, NJ and wants to help people both in his career and with his art. He loves writing and hopes to release his first book of poetry in 2019. 

Chandler is currently off of social media, but if you stay connected with Voices In Power, that's the easiest way to be connected with him.


Pauline Monter was born and raised in the Philippines yet spent most of her life in Philadelphia and currently lives in South Jersey. She is a full-time student and part-time poet. Most of her poetry work focuses on identity, mental health, relationships and family.

You can follow Pauline Monter on Instagram and Twitter at @itsspaulinee or contact her via email at


Luis Marrero, who is the Founder of Voices In Power, IMSUPERDOPE and The Kingdom District, is a Philadelphia native. Outside of doing the above, he is a Spoken Word Artist. He is currently working on a book entitled Something Light in the Dark, which will have poetry, short stories, prayers, quotes, messages and more. He is also working on an audio Poetry EP entitled Crown. He is looking to drop both projects whenever the time comes. He is a lover of people and building relationships. And on his spare time, he loves to help people find and pursue their purpose.

You can follow Luis on all social media platforms at @imsuperdope_.


Tooba Hussain is a 21-year old Muslim-American Spoken Word Poet who has performed across various universities and venues across the country. She believes that spoken word poetry is a medium of expression that helps build empathy by breaking down cultural, racial and generational barriers. As a graduate of Rutgers University Camden and a current law student at Georgetown University, she aspires to one day serves as an international human rights attorney and advocate. Tooba feels personally empowered by the platform Voices In Power has given her to share her story and to learn from the stories of many others. "In a world that is so keen on shutting others out", she believes that "Voices In Power has welcomed (her) in" and for that she is "deeply, wholeheartedly amd unequivocally grateful."


You can follow Tooba Hussain on Instagram at @toobahussain_


Beezy the Poet was born and raised in Camden, NJ, where he now hosts the Voices In Power: A Poetry Open Mic Experience on Third Sundays of every month. Beezy the Poet is a Spoken Word Poet and Host who is passionate and filled with energy that is contagious. He is young and focused on growing more and more everyday. If you've been around Beezy, you also know he is filled with energy that will make you dance and laugh.

You can follow Beezy The Poet on Instagram at @beezythepoet.


X the Wordsmith is a true lyricist dedicated to the nuances of a good verse. His passionate socially charged Christian raps are delivered in an up-tempo, bouncy, yet smooth, easy to listen to style. X draws inspiration from all kinds of lyricists ranging from Chuck D to Eminem to Mike Shinoda of Linkin Park. Those inspirations fuel his versatile approach to music.

You can follow X the Wordsmith on Instagram at @xthewordsmith or check out his site at


Scott Smith, alongside his wife Darlene, serve as full-time staff with The Philadelphia Project. He has been writing and performing spoken word for seven years. He is the Co-Founder of Creatives'. 

You can follow Scott Smith on Instagram at @scott7smith.


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